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Lockdown, social distancing, and face masks are the most used terms since the Covid 19 pandemic. It has become a non-negotiable act to wear face masks every day. Yet, most face masks available are uneasy about wearing and suffocating to breathe.

Radial life has come up with life saving face masks that are comfortable to wear even for hours. First of all, our premium face masks have three layers. The outer layer is made up of polyester/cotton high filaments, while the middle and inner layer is of cotton material.

Soft lycra plastics stretch and support the mask at either side. At the center, you will find a moldable nose piece that exactly suits your face structure. Radial life’s premium material makes the mask durable and reusable every time. Since it doesn’t hurt the bridge of your nose and ear lobes, our face masks have become a favorite and go-to for Australian citizens.

Our face masks have a range of sizes to choose from. Whether you are buying it for your kids or you, they are comfortable to fit your face perfectly. Add to your cart to buy our face mask now to get a 33% discount now! Grab this exclusive offer before it disappears. We present free shipping to all orders on $65 and above Australia wide.

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Face covering has become essential in this covid time. Finding a comfortable face mask has become a constant struggle for many like you. Don’t worry! We have a great range of face masks, from Radial life Signature mask to neck scarfs. What is a neck scarf?

It is an incredible solution for all those who struggle to wear a regular face mask. It is made of a soft cotton polyester jersey that is breathable even on a sunny day. The neck scarf won’t slip off your face, unlike other masks.

You can perform any active work without the fear of getting exposed. You will get it in one size yet suitable for everyone to use. Save 28% on Radial life’s neck scarf type face masks if you purchase now. We provide free shipping to all orders on $65 and above Australia wide.

Our delivery options include accepting online payment via G pay, Paypal, shop Pay to ship the face masks and neck scarfs safely to your place.