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Results & Recap

Firstly Paul Sera on behalf of radial life thank each and everyone that got behind us for this event. Our sponsors, our competitors and loyal spectators that just wanted to see some tuff cars race!

And boy was there an insane selection of cars racing. We had a bit of everything on the day. Also with the 235 class it brought some diversity and some entrants jumped down from a 255 to run a 235 in that class.

Let’s go over the awards and results.

Tuners Edge 235

1st Anthony Didonato
 Toyota Soarer 

2nd Ari Pegios
VZ SS Commodore

Refined Car Detailing 275

1st Matt Brame
LH Torana 

2nd Brad Kelly

Grimm Industries 325

1st Jason Ruby
S13 Silvia 

2nd Sam Elhaouli
LH Torana

Promoters choice

Daniel Pantelic Mazda RX4(what a gorgeous car!!!!)

Fastest Ford

Bassem Taha FG Falcon 6.20 (From NSW) 

Fastest Holden

Kai McPhee VC Commodore 5.66 (and fastest pass of the day)

Fastest 6 cyl

Jason Ruby S13 Silvia 5.69

Fastest 8 cyl

Kai McPhee VC Commodore 5.66

Fastest 4WD

Jason Ruby S13 Silva 5.69

Best Burnout

Jason Ruby S13 Silvia

Quickest NA

Adrian Cassar VL BT1 v8

A massive thank you to the Ballarat drag club. 

Not only were they a massive help BUT they prepped that track crazy. I was lucky enough to jump on the start line and for an “airport” this tarmac had some serious stick. So many cars PBd on the day and everyone was talking about how good the track was.

Also thanks to Azza Mackley for his efforts on the mic, we’re turning him into a radial racer and taking him away from the burnout scene (haha sorry guys)

Now For Our Sponsors

Naming rights

325 class

275 class

235 class

Supporting Sponsors

(Many sponsors even raced their own cars too which was good to see)

Let’s talk some figures 

1,000 people through the door for our FIRST event! Yes that’s right 

70 entrants - capped 5 weeks prior in to waiting list 

Yes we understand not all cars showed, we saw 47 entrants arrive on the day.

This gave us plenty of track time, plenty of call out racing time and so much damn fun!

Radial Life provided a high quality, unique custom trophy collection. This was a collaboration between Grimm Industries and world advertising. No expense was spared on this project to bring you guys a high quality trophy that’s really get people wishing they won a trophy.  

Channel 9 came on the day to film, not long before we appeared on ACA, not to mention a HUGE social media reach with over 2 MILLION impressions just via social media. All this publicity made our website work in overdrive.

There will be some slight changes for our 2nd event (yet to be announced) However we’re working towards more prize money for a start. Believe me you’ll want to get in quick to secure your spot nice and early.

Get your cars running everyone, we’re here to stay and continue to bring you guys awesome events.