This is a drag racing heads-up category running on a full tree start. This class is for vehicles running up to a metric sized 275 Radial Tyre (Drag Slicks not permitted). Vehicles can run a maximum of 2 Power adders. 

A Drag Radial type tyre is to be used with a sidewall designation no taller / wider then, 275/60/15 or 28×10.5 Pro Bracket Radial.

Side Pipes that meet ANDRA regulations are aloud.

Fuel: Fuel: Pump fuel, racing petrol or methanol allowed

Vehicles will be given testing & qualifying runs. The field seeding order will be based on a randomly drawn number for the heads up racing. The race format will be run on an elimination basis.

Any dispute or questions regarding rule interpretations, please take them up with the meeting director. The meeting director’s decision is final. 

All vehicles must have a current ANDRA Tech Inspection and meet ANDRA Safety requirements. ET and MPH based requirements guide can be found here (link). 

If you don't hold an ANDRA License, you can purchase an ANDRA Divisional Day License (Link)

Prize Money Will be paid to the Class Winner
*On Class Sizes 15 and over.
Winner - $2,000.00

Size Guide

Individual garments can slightly vary in size however please use this size guide as a very closely estimated measurement.If you do have an issue with the garment size once you receive your item, simply follow the instructions on our returns page (Link). Our friendly staff are always readily available to sort out any issues you may have.