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VL Turbo BT1 Car Air Freshener 3 Pack

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The VL Turbo is a badass sleeper car that captures the true spirit of drag racing. If you want to buy a car freshener, why not go with this unique piece that pays homage to the iconic Holden Commodore VL Turbo? Hanging from the rearview mirror, this car freshener will be the first thing people notice about your car.

Product Description

Your car is not meant to run errands or tend to office commutes. It does much more than that, and this car freshener for sale says it all. Driving up to a drag strip with this car freshener hanging from the rearview mirror not only gives you feel-good vibes but also reminds you of the racing spirit in you. This Holden Commodore VL Turbo BT1 Car Air Freshener is designed to be hung from rear view mirror.

Fragrance: Cherry

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